Lemon Pepper Sausages

  • 1 lb of sausages

Want a deliciously bright alternative to the typical pork sausage? Look no further than these lemon pepper sausages from Wally’s Wurst Sausages in Grayslake, Illinois. They’re made of only all-natural ingredients like freshly ground pork butt, cracked black pepper, lemon peel, and stuffed into a natural casing. They are gluten-free, lactose-free, and have no MSG. Wally makes amazing sausages with unique flavors but these might be our favorite! They are bright with a subtle hint of pepper and perfect for your next backyard barbecue.


COOKING TIP: Let’s get something out of the way - yes, these sausages are fantastic on the grilled on the BBQ but their unique flavor means that they can do more than just a simple dish of sausage on a bun. Their fresh flavor would be great on a charcuterie board, beside some eggs, in a salad, or thick-sliced in a pasta sauce. You could even take the meat out of their casings and form a sausage patty to make a breakfast sandwich or to make an amazing burger topper!

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