Whole Chicken

  • 1 Chicken (approx. 2.5 - 3 lbs.)

We don't think a kitchen smells more delicious than when it is cooking a whole chicken. Whole chickens are surprisingly easy and there are some many benefits to cooking the whole bird. You get both light and dark meat and enough meat to feed either a few people at once or a few meals for just one person. Whole chickens are one of the top items that we recommend for anyone trying to get the most value from their truLOCAL box. Chicken's versatile, easy, and one chicken can make so many meals. Grey Duck MidWestern Chicken raises their chickens in Midwestern Amish country just 3 hours outside of Chicago. They are raised in an all-natural, cage-free way, without antibiotics or added growth hormones, and with no animal byproducts. As a Non-GMO Project Verified farm, Grey Duck chicken meets the standards for GMO-avoidance.

COOKING TIP: Usually chicken is pretty versatile but with the larger size of a whole chicken, you should probably stick to roasting it in the oven. Thaw the chicken in the fridge overnight, grab a roasting pan, and preheat the oven to 350℉. Make sure there is nothing in the cavity and consider if you want to add some flavor by adding something in the cavity (either a lemon or an onion cut in half). Coat the chicken with oil and/or butter and get some under the skin if you want it to be crispy. Bake it for 1 hour 20 minutes or until the thickest part of the breast reaches an internal temperature 155°F, cover it with foil and let it rest in a warm place for about 30 minutes. The temperature should reach 165°F before carving. Don't forget to save the bones to simmer with water for a delicious homemade chicken stock!

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