Beef Short Ribs

  • 1 lb

Coming from our friends at Purely Meat in Chicago, these juicy grain-finished ribs are tender and juicy. Beef short ribs are thin slices of meat cut crosswise through the rib bones instead of along the length of the bone like other styles of ribs. That's how you get the meat attached to the cross-sections of the bone. The marbled, bone-in nature of this cut makes them extra flavorful and ready for the grill.


COOKING TIP: Marinate these perfectly marbled short ribs in soy sauce, brown sugar, minced garlic, and sesame oil for a few hours (or even overnight) and then kiss them on a hot grill or pan. Don't step away once they're on the heat, they're sliced thin so they'll cook fast (and probably eaten even faster). Sprinkle them with sliced scallions if you're feeling a bit fancy. 

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