Lobster Tails

  • 2 tails

Usually, lobster is saved for special occasions like a birthday at fancy restaurant but these lobster tails are so easy to make at home that you won’t need to wait for your next birthday to enjoy them. Lobsters have a sweet and delicate flavor that tastes slightly like crab and slightly like shrimp, and a texture that is a bit firmer than the meat from a lobster’s claws. Our lobsters are supplied by Supreme Lobster and Seafood in Vila Park, Illinois, a company that personally visits each of their suppliers to ensure the best quality and sustainability of their products. These lobster are hand-packaged as raw in-shell tails with two 3-4oz tails per pack. 


COOKING TIPS: Lobster tails are very versatile and are delicious when boiled, steamed, baked, broiled, or grilled. No matter which cooking method you choose, we suggest serving them with clarified butter and a squeeze of lemon, or team them up with a favorite steak as a surf & turf dinner. Make a lobster broth from the remaining shells and add it to anything from soups, to mashed potatoes, to mac and cheese. It adds class and sophistication to whatever it is added to.


Be aware that this product contains shellfish (lobster).


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