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Gluten-free and the taste of Germany, these bratwurst sausages come from Western Garden Farms Pork, who raise their pigs in the Midwest and process their products in Illinois. These traditional bratwurst sausages are made with ground pork and spices then stuffed into a natural hog casing. 

COOKING TIP: Don't be afraid to think beyond the grill to enjoy these bratwurst sausages all year round. An easy, protein-packed meal could be a one-skillet bratwurst and onions dish (with a side of sauerkraut and beer). First, brown the sausages in a pan for a few minutes on each sides and then add some liquid (water or stock works) and cover the pan so it steams up for another 10-15 minutes. You're looking for a final internal temperature of 160°F. 

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