4oz Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Burgers

  • 0 1 lb of Grass Fed Burgers

Take a look at the difference a 100% grass-fed diet makes if you’re looking for an all-beef, lean alternative.

Feel great about the next meal you put on the table - add 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef burgers to your box! Raised just one state over in Wisconsin, and never administered antibiotics or hormones, these 4oz steakhouse blend burgers are the perfect choice for family burger night! Just add some tasty toppings, and you’re in for a mouth-watering treat!

WHAT IS 100% GRASS-FED, GRASS-FINISHED? Most cattle spend a majority of their lives eating grass on pasture, before being transferred to a feedlot to gain additional fat. Grass-fed, grass-finished cattle stay on the pasture, eating a diet of grass and hay, resulting in a unique texture and taste.

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