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Take a look into our Midwest USA suppliers

Grey Duck MidWestern Chicken

Finding all-natural, cage-free chicken raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones can be a challenge. With Grey Duck Midwestern Chicken, look no further! Grey Duck raises their chickens in Midwestern Amish country just 3 hours outside of Chicago, with no animal byproducts. As a Non-GMO Project Verified farm, Grey Duck chicken meets the standards for GMO-avoidance.

Pasture Farms 100% grass fed & finished beef

Producing grass-fed and grass-finished beef just one state over in Wisconsin, Pasture Farms beef is never confined in feedlots, and their cattle are free to roam in pastures - the old fashioned way. Never administered antibiotics or added growth hormones, Pasture Farms beef is naturally aged for tenderness and incredible beef flavor.

Prairie State Natural Beef

Prairie State Natural Beef in the Midwestern USA belongs to the Angus Farmers Association of America, producing Angus beef. Fed a vegetarian diet and never administered antibiotics or added growth hormones, Prairie State Natural Beef meets 10 quality standards, ensuring their Angus beef products have ample marbling, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Raised by family farmers, Prairie State Natural Beef is naturally aged to produce great flavor and tenderness.

Western Garden Farms Pork

Producing all natural pork favorites like ribs, bacon, pork chops, tenderloin, and sausages, Western Garden Farms pork products are raised in the Midwest and processed in Illinois. Raised crate-free on a vegetarian diet and never administered antibiotics or added growth hormones, Western Garden Farms pork is American Humane Certified.

Fortune Fish

Our wild-caught fish comes from Fortune Fish in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2001, they have since made it their mission to become the leading seafood distributor in the Midwest. They've committed themselves to providing sustainable sourced, environmentally-responsible seafood, and encouraging Fishery Improvement Projects and Aquaculture Improvement Projects to increase the overall supply of sustainable seafood.

Purely Meat Co.

For over 80 years, the Musillami Family has provided the highest quality hand cut meat and old-world butchery from their small family butcher shop on Taylor Street. Purely Meat Co. is dedicated to preserving the traditions that made Chicago famous - high-quality meats, expert butchery and exceptional customer service. We’re excited to work with them and bring some of these top cuts right to your door!

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