How to Maximize your Meat Delivery Service

We want our customers to love their meat and seafood home delivery as much as we do. In order to make sure that our customers get the most out of their truLOCAL box, we have made a list of the best ways to maximize a truLOCAL meat subscription service.

truLOCAL is always enjoys helping our customers. When you are a truLOCAL customer, we send you recipes, keep you connected with our newsletters, and love to see your posts on our social media channels - all of this on top of providing you the very best, local seafood and meat delivered to your door. We can help you further maximize your meat delivery service by following these top tips.

Know what you like

In order to increase your satisfaction with each box delivered, we encourage our customers to order the stuff that they already know that they like. This sounds pretty straight forward but it is worth mentioning. For example, if there is a food that you don’t like (or have an allergy to), like seafood, you will not be excited about ordering it. You might think that your preferences are easy to recognize (like that seafood example) but do you know your smaller preferences, like if you prefer grass fed and finished beef to regular beef? Don’t worry if you don’t know about the beef preference - we can work on figuring out stuff like this by experimenting later. Try to learn which cuts of meat and fish you prefer and make sure that they are frequently in your box order.

Be open to change

We recommend that customers mix up their routine every once in a while and try something new. This could be a small change like trying ground chicken in your favorite taco recipe or trying the chorizo next time you order sausages. You could go even further and try a recipe that you have never made before - in fact, we have a bunch of great recipes on our website to help you get started. 

Celebrate what’s local to you

One of the reasons that we do what we do is we love to connect our customers with the amazing local suppliers that offer unique options. Because we feature local products, we can’t offer every product in every region. We hope that you are fans of the local movement too so why not try something unique to Illinois? The Bell Pepper and Parmesan Chicken Sausage is made with chicken raised less than three hours outside of Chicago and these unique sausages are incredible! Nobody outside of Illinois can order these so dig in and celebrate local!

Look for options that can make multiple meals

Look for cuts of meat that can be made into more than just one meal so that you can really maximize the value of each box. You could order ground meats and make it into a lasagna and either make a meal that feeds a lot of people right away or feed fewer people for the rest of the week. 

Alternate between basics and premium 

This is a great way to make sure that you always have the staples to make everyday meals but also allow yourself to be treated every once in a while. The idea is to get a box full of all the staples for your freezer (like ground meat, chicken breasts, etc.) in one order and then get the premium cuts (like a tenderloin filet, scallops, etc.) in the following boxes. Now you know that you have every day covered and there is no reason not to celebrate - even if it's just celebrating that it’s Tuesday!

Order the regular sized box

As you might already know, truLOCAL offers two sizes of boxes, each with their own specific number of points and price. The term “small box” is a bit misleading because it is pretty big but the “regular box” is twice the price but has more than twice the number of points. The value of the regular box is pretty hard to deny because it’s basically getting extra points for free. If the regular box is more than you want to spend or is just too much meat for you to carve through before your next box arrives, simply change the delivery frequency of your meat subscription to deliver half as often. There! We just gave you two free points per regular box but for the same price as a small box.

We love this solution because when you upgrade to a regular box but have it delivered less frequently, it’s better for the environment - it's less packaging and less fuel but still the amazing value. Everyone wins. 

Customize your shipping date

While we are discussing how you can change your shipping frequency, we should also mention that you can change your specific shipping dates to whatever works best for you. Maybe you want to have it line up with when you get paid or you are going away and need to delay the shipment. Maybe your freezer is empty and you need another box shipped sooner so that you can eat! If you need to delay, sign into your account and click “change your next billing date” and you can change when your next box arrives. You can delay it for up to 6 months or speed it up. If you need to get your next order ASAP, click the “Get your box now” button while logged into your account and get your next box moving right away. Keep in mind that changing the shipping date of the box will also change the date of future boxes and their payments. This is because we still ship your box according to however many weeks between shipments you selected. 

We think that it is important to get the most out of your truLOCAL meat delivery service. To recap, we recommend both focusing on what you already love and/or or trying something new or something unique to your area. You can further maximize the value of your order by getting what you need to make meals that can be stretched to feed multiplier servings, by alternating between the basics and fancier cuts, or by getting two free points per box by selecting the regular-sized box and slowing down the frequency. A lot of these tips can be changed in your account settings so head over to your account page if you’re already a truLOCAL subscriber or, if you’re not, sign up today! You can sign up for a subscription and cancel at any time or try us by just signing up for a a single box.

Posted on July 20th, 2021