Great Meat and Veggie Pairings for Your Next BBQ

Want to make your next cook-out carb-free and even more delicious? Order a truLOCAL USA meat box and try out these great veggie-and-meat pairings for yourself!

With BBQ season well under way, many Americans are looking for new recipes to give their next cookout some extra pizzazz.

One way to do this is to expand your meat repertoire by ordering meat online and trying something a little out of the ordinary like buffalo, scallops, or brisket — but you can also give your taste buds a novel experience by adding a new side to classics like steak, salmon, and chicken breasts.

Here are three meat and veggie combos that can help make your favorite cuts seem completely new again.

Steak with Onions and Mushrooms

Onions and mushrooms have long gone together with steak, but cooking them all together over an open flame yields a completely new experience.

At truLOCAL, we offer many options for meatatarians who love nothing more than sinking their teeth into a ribeye, a strip steak, or a tenderloin, and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much juicier these steaks get when you pile up some portobello mushrooms and char-broiled shallots.

The best part is, mushrooms and onions require very little prep. Simply cut them into large rings or strips, brush with butter or olive oil, and apply to the grill just before you put the steak on. If you’re using grass-fed steak, you’ll probably want to brush the steak with oil as well to make sure it doesn’t dry out (at truLOCAL, we take you are what you eat seriously and offer a variety of grass-fed beef options).

Salmon with Zucchini

When it comes to pairing meats with veggies for the grill, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Complementarity of flavors is obviously the most important thing, but you should also think about delicacy, cook time, and heaviness.

That’s why the salmon and zucchini pairing is so perfect. Salmon is substantial, but lighter than many other varieties of fish. For this reason, pairing it with a light but flavorful vegetable is a good idea. Best of all, zucchini and salmon have a similar grilling time (around ten minutes).

For best results, marinade the salmon in lemon, soy sauce, and brown sugar or maple syrup first, and coat the zucchini halves in olive oil before putting them on the grill.

Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken has always been a favorite choice for grilling due to its versatility. If you want to make it leaner you can simply remove the skin to get rid of excess fat, and depending on how you season it, it can take on just about any different flavor — which is why it is the cornerstone for so many delicious recipes from cuisines around the world.

But most chefs acknowledge that this versatility comes at a cost: chicken is notably blander than beef, pork, and most types of fish, which means that you have to do more to bring out the good flavor.

A good dry rub, marinade, or barbecue sauce can get you part of the way, but one of the best tips for adding more flavor to your chicken is to be strategic about pairing it with intensely flavorful veggies that will complement it.

Cherry tomatoes are a perfect candidate because of their natural sweetness and juiciness. A quick turn on the grill will infuse them with even more flame-kissed flavour that will make them an ideal garnish or side for grilled chicken breasts.

Grilling is hands-down one of the most fun ways to cook, and it can also be a healthy one as well. Cutting out carbs and serving up a heaping plate of veggies and meat is a great way to maximize flavor while keeping calories low. And when you use truLOCAL meat, you can be sure you’re getting some of the healthiest cuts around.

Start your own truLOCAL meat box today, and try out one of these great combos for yourself!

Posted on August 14th, 2020