How truLOCAL Delivery Helps You Support Local Farms and Businesses

Small farms have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. One way you can support them is by ordering fresh local meat through truLOCAL’s delivery service.

Over the past four months, the coronavirus epidemic has upended just about every aspect of American life. As states start to move out of lockdown, one thing is becoming evident: the economic damage of the lockdown is only beginning to be felt.

The agriculture industry has been hit particularly hard, and while larger agribusinesses may have the resources to weather the worst of the downturn, many small farmers are openly questioning whether or not they’ll be able to stay in business.

At truLOCAL, we understand our mission as an online food company to involve building connections between Americans who want wholesome, environmentally-friendly meat with farmers and butchers in their local regions who are passionate about raising delicious, healthy, and sustainable products.

To that end, here are two of the ways truLOCAL delivery is helping to support local farms and businesses.

Breaking Down Barriers to Connection

One of the main reasons the coronavirus pandemic is making things difficult for smaller farms and producers is that they tend to rely on more community-based venues for selling their products, such as farmer’s markets, local shops, or restaurants.

With many Americans practicing social distancing, and with restaurants and outdoor markets closed as part of public safety measures, these traditional lifelines have been shut down, leaving many farmers with no place to sell their meat or produce. In some cases, entire crops have had to be destroyed because of lack of demand.

Because truLOCAL’s goal is connecting you to the source and putting you in more direct contact with small-scale farms, we are helping to keep the option of buying local meat available to people who might not otherwise have it.

A Flexible, Transparent Approach

One way we are different from other meat delivery services is that in addition to giving you access to local meats, we also give you a lot of flexibility and choice in building your order.

When you sign up for truLOCAL, you get to choose exactly which meats you want, and you can also decide whether to do a one-time order or a repeating order (you can click here to learn more about the steps for monthly meat delivery and how pricing works).

If you want to know which farms these products came from, all you need to do is click over to the page where we highlight our suppliers, places like:

As you can see, eating local is easy with truLOCAL because we offer complete transparency around which farms we work with and where your food is coming from. So, when you order a truLOCAL meat box, you don’t have to wonder where your money is going — it’s going directly to supporting artisanal farms in your region.

As America takes its first steps into a post-lockdown future, the only certainty is uncertainty. That’s why it is more important than ever for consumers to support the small farms and businesses that are essential to the health of their communities.

If you want to get great local meat and support your local farms in the process, sign up for your first truLOCAL meat box today!

Posted on July 21st, 2020