4 Reasons to Start a truLOCAL Meat Box Subscription This Summer!

It’s barbecue season, and if you’re looking for the best way to buy your favorite local meats, start setting up your first truLOCAL delivery box today.

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, many Americans are hoping to take solace in their favourite summer traditions.

With quarantine and social distancing, summer 2020 won’t be like summers that have come before — but that doesn’t mean you can’t fire up the grill and enjoy a good, old-fashioned barbecue. And if you’re looking for the best cuts of meat to put on that barbecue, here are four reasons to order a truLOCAL meat box today.

1. Frozen Meat Delivered Straight to Your Door

Having groceries delivered is one way to make sure you can stock up on your favourite foods without having to leave the safety of your home.

The truLOCAL approach to meat delivery is built around maximal convenience for the customer, which is why truLOCAL will deliver local meat to your door or apartment building anywhere in the regions where we operate.

Because we use refrigerated boxes that contain dry ice, your meat stays frozen during delivery, guaranteeing you fresh, safe delivery no matter where you live.

2. Locally Sourced Cuts

When it comes to flavour, health, and environmental responsibility, we understand just how big a difference eating local can make, and this is especially true when it comes to local meat.

But choosing to buy local meat is also a great way to support local businesses during the pandemic. Many farmers are struggling to figure out what to do with their produce, as restaurant shutdowns reduce the demand for premium cuts of meat.

With a truLOCAL meat box, you aren’t just providing the best food for your family, you’re also playing a vital role in supporting your local economy.

3. A Variety of Products

One of the traditional complaints about meat delivery is that it hasn’t offered a wide range of options. In many regions it is possible to order a processed section of a cow or pig for delivery, but if you want a mix of different meats it can quickly get expensive.

We’ve designed our delivery boxes to give you maximal choice over what you want to include, and we’ve also made it possible to mix and match customizable meat products so that you can stock up on your favourite roasts, burgers, sausages, steaks, seafood and ground meats.

4. Flexible Order Size and Delivery Frequency

Every family is different, and just as we give our customers customizable options when it comes to which products they want to include in their box, we also offer plenty of meat delivery pricing options and subscription choices.

If you want a regular supply of meat, for example, you can choose to set up an order that will repeat every two weeks, three weeks, or monthly, or you can order a one-off meat box for a special occasion. Whatever your preference, with truLOCAL you can always make sure there is premium waiting for you in your freezer whenever you need it.

With so many aspects of ordinary life being put on hold due to the pandemic, it is important to hang onto beloved summer traditions. If you love barbecuing, firing up the grill this summer isn’t just a great way to make a delicious dinner, it’s also a small but significant way to celebrate the simple things in the midst of a time of disruption and change.

Posted on June 12th, 2020